How can I add external members to a sub-topic?

As an administrator you can add external members to sub-topics. External members do not have access to the main-group and only communicate in the sub-topics they were invited to. If you wish to add external members to a sub-topic please proceed as follows:

  1. Go to the respective group.
  2. Tap the group name and you will be redirected to an overview of information on the group.
  3. Tap “ADD MEMBER” and choose from your contacts.nThe person is then depicted as “External member” in the overview of information.

When a member is added to a sub-topic as an external member, he/she can only see that sub-topic on his/her BubCon main-screen. The main-group and possible other sub-topics are not depicted. However, if this person is then added to the main-group, you can decide if he/she shall also be a member of other sub-topics. Furthermore, you can make him/her an administrator of the main-group.This person is then also an administrator of all sub-topics and has access to all of them.

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