How do I configure my data security settings?

It is important to us that your data is secure and that you are satisfied. Therefore, in many cases you have the opportunity to decide on your own to what information your contacts shall have access to and to which not.

You will find data security settings here:

  1. Go to the main screen.
  2. Open the menu by tapping the three dots in the menu bar.
  3. Choose “Settings”.
  4. Select “Security”. Here you can set all aspects regarding data security:
  5. ● PIN protection – Secure BubCon with a PIN so that no other person has access tonyour chats.
    ● Delivery confirmation – Decide whether your contacts can see if you read a message or not.
    ● Show typing status – Decide whether your contacts can see if you are typing a message or not.
    ● Link previews – Get a preview of sent internet links.
    ● Last time online – Decide who can see your online status. You can choose between “Everybody”, “Only my contacts” and “Nobody”.

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