How do I send a broadcast message?

If you wish to send one message to several of your contacts, e.g. for New Years Eve, without sending each message individually you should use the Broadcast feature.

Important: This is not a group chat!

To send a broadcast message proceed as follows:

  1. Go to main screenn
  2. Tap the “plus icon” in the navigation bar at the bottom. A semi circle pops up with three options:
  3. ● Chat

    ● Group

    ● Broadcast

  4. Choose “Broadcast” by clicking on the broadcast icon.
  5. Now you are asked to enter a name for the broadcast. After you entered a broadcast-name tap CONTINUE.
  6. Add contacts by ticking the boxes in your BubCon address book. Confirm with OK.
  7. Now you can write and send a message. Each contact receives a message as if you would communicate in a single-chat.

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