What can I do if I have problems downloading BubCon in Google Play Store?

You downloaded the BubCon Messener in Google Play Store. However, the app is not considered downloaded in your Google Play Store Account? Please proceed as follows:

  1. Please make sure that you use the same Google Account as you used when you downloaded BubCon.
  2. Log on to Google Play Store from your computer –> Settings –> My Orders
  3. You should find BubCon in your orders: clear cache and delete the data of the apps «Google Play Store» and «Downloads» as described in the following instructions of Google.
  4. Restart your cell-phone and register again on Google Play Store. Now you can reinstall (update) BubCon.
  5. If you cannot find BubCon in your orders, you probably downloaded BubCon with a different Google Account.

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