What do the icons on my main screen mean?

On the main screen you will find a toolbar at the top and at the bottom of the screen. Every icon has its own meaning and purpose.

Icons at the top:
The four icons at the top help for orientation. As a result you always know on which page of the main screen you are right now. Depending on which page you are, the icon will be highlighted.

Calls – The “call log” shows you all made and missed Voice- and Video Calls. You can also call your contacts from this screen.
Home – From the main screen you get an overview of all current chats.
Unread messages – The history list of all unread messages is a list of all unread messages. As soon as you tap on one of the unread chats you are automatically lead to the respective message.
Highlight – This icon pops up when you were highlighted in a group chat with the symbol @. When you choose a highlight you are automatically lead to the respective highlight in the chat.

Icons at the bottom:
In the white bar there are four icons and a round purple “+”.

Menu (three dots)- Tap here and you are redirected to the BubCon main menu
Filter – By clicking on the icon with the “two persons” BubCon redirects you to all current group chats. One more click on the icon leads you to all single-chats (an icon with one person is displayed). If you wish to see all chats again simply push the Home-Button.
Purple plus – With the help of this icon you can create new single- and group chats and you can also send a broadcast.
Magnifying glass – The magnifying glass enables you to look for key words in all chats.
BubCon Address Book – Here you get an overview of your BubCon contacts. You might also invite friends to use the BubCon Messenger.

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