Where can I find the “Don’t disturb” feature?

With BubCon you can mute your messenger for an indefinite time and for a certain amount of time. With the help of this feature you can make sure that you will not be disturbed via notifications in this time.

Moreover, you have the possibility to give special authorization, i.e. you can choose certain people or group chats that are allowed to disturb you.

Activate the “Do not disturb” feature with the help of the following steps:

  1. Go to the main screen.
  2. Open the menu by tapping the three dots in the menu bar.
  3. Choose “Settings”.
  4. Select “Do not disturb”.
  5. If you choose “Activate now” BubCon will be muted completely.
  6. You can choose an individual time period via “custom settings” in which you will not be disturbed by the BubCon Messenger. Furthermore, you can determine week days in which you don’t want to be disturbed.
  7. With the help of the “ALLOW TO DISTURB” button you can determine who is excluded from the “Do not disturb” feature.

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